Here are some quick pointers to ZIP you around within this document: TEST transmissions

For info on TEST Seminar transmissions from, see University of Cambridge CL Mbone Seminar Transmissions , but note that the routine weekly transmissions have ceased. Look at the current mrouted versions
Local users transmitting a session may care to browse instructions for the use of TP4, the BLT, and the roaming kit.

Mrouted Monitoring

Due to a new policy by UKERNA to charge for use of the `Fat Pipe' by the byte, the mwatch MBone monitoring which I used to perform has had to cease, as it will cost my department money.

Contact info and maps

Pointers to other useful info

Other Packages

JIPS MBone info

The bits I have collected are so out of date that I have deleted the links. I still have a picture of Cambridge, and the auto generated status of JIPS (or an old cache) [or with all tunnels (cache)], for EU (c), NZ (c, all), AU (c, all), FI (c) and the whole mbone (large!). You can see the routes to the US via EU and SURA (and backup).
ABone members can look at the JIPS ABone page.
See also the official JIPS MBone info.
Look at the current mrouted versions (and for
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